From Spring 2022 we are offering the history tours. Those tours focus mostly on last 100 years of Estonian history. But we take a look of very first settlements in Estonia as well. Those date back to 6th-10th century BC. Independency before IIWW, wartime, Soviet occupation and repressions after the war freedom movement, resistance and restoring the independency in 1991 will get more attention during the day. This tour takes place partly in Tallinn and partly outside of Tallinn in the nature taking a closer look of some Soviet military remains in Estonia. So beside history you can see some of our beautiful nature and way of living. Of course we will have a lunch on local restaurant and have a taste of Estonian food as well.

Patarei prison was one of the many buildins where Soviet occupiers took the freedom of the people and send them to Siberia for the crimes they did not committed

Estonian history tour is about 5-6h long tour and includes guide, transport starting from Tallinn. The tour is available no matter the weather or season, not more than 3-4 km of easy walking.

Patarei prison cell

Highlights of the history tour

  • Lot of new stuff about tough years of history
  • Visiting some hard to access locations
  • Merging nature and history
  • Local friendly guide
  • Alternative to usual city-surfing


No. of peoplePrice per personPrice per person including lunch and museum admission
Abandoned Soviet military base
Paldiski (Pakri)
Memorial of the Victims of the communist regimes