Nature Photography Tour

Estonia is known for its most in-tact biodiversity in Europe, perfect for nature photography tour; therefore in our forests and wild landscapes, there is a high probability to see large mammals, carnivores, rare birds, insects and plants.

Every photographer know in order to know the area for photography you have to live there. Local professional nature photgrapher helps to find the best locations based on your interests and expectations of your subjects. Every client or group will be therefor handeled and approached personally, so we ask you to contact us and tell what are your ideas and we will offer you location plan with guide. If needed we can organize you rental of lenses, cameras, memory card and tripods. Rental of pop-up hides for single species (for instance white-taled eagle or black grouse) is also possible.

High possibility to see wildlife

Beautiful and extraordinary forests, bogs & landscapes

You learn about animal and bird marks (like footprints)

Tips and tuition by professional nature & wildlife photographer

Please contact for price!