Capture Estonia is small, independent company offering city breaks like:  general nature day-tours , birdwatching, wildlife safaris, photography workshops and guide/location-hunter services in Estonia- the hidden gem of European wilderness.

Our location is near Tallinn, but we operate all over Estonia. We take into account your interests , avoid tourist traps and use reliable, helpful and friendly guides. Contact us!


Hi, I’m Marko Poolamets, founder and guide in Capture Estonia. I established the company in 2011 to offer high quality outdoor experiences, teach people to tell their story through photography and support local nature conservation efforts.

I have over 10 years of  experience as a nature guide/photographer and my nature photos have been  nationally awarded several times.

Capture Estonia is small, independent company offering one day nature tours, birdwatching tours, wildlife safaris and photography workshops in Estonia, which is the hidden gem of European wilderness. Estonia offers you the most creative environment, most in-tact biodiversity and most diverse photo locations for all level of skills and interests.

The experiences you have in Estonian nature will be quite different based on the season, but each season offers something unique and beautiful. It is possible to see  lynxes, bears and wolves in Estonia, which is a true rarity in Western Europe.  Just under an hour drive from Tallinn, you can see majestic cliffs, spectacular forests, large wetlands and internationally important areas of bird migration. In terms of birdwatching Estonia is TOP destination in EU.  The diversity unleashes the photographers creativity, and you will be amazed by the images you will capture with your camera during your visit. The richness of the flora and fauna emerges from our location and climate, giving Estonia a combination of landscapes that are diverse, beautiful, and special. By immersing yourself in nature, you will be able to learn more about our culture as well. This includes not just modern Estonian culture, but also the legacy of our native ancestors and the mix of influences from other cultures, such as Swedish, German, Danish and Russian.  Estonians believe that our existence depends on environment we live in, and on the harmony between man and nature is culturally important. By immersing yourself in nature and connecting with a knowledgeable guide, you will gain a better understanding of the country you are visiting and local cultural connections to the environment.

Our location is near Tallinn, but we operate all over Estonia. Our advantage is the compact size of the country, which provides easy access to all locations.


The Varbad family

I have not counted how many hundred hours I have spent near ural owl (strix uralensis) nest, mostly filming but some photography as well. I have got some good and some great footages and I hope that the result will be some 15-20min movie about the owl. So since my  last post there has been …

Last hawk-owl!?

Last week I spent time on doing some location scouting and preparing the spring tours. Winter is still here and shows its teeth but not for long. Its clear that sun will win any time soon within next couple of weeks and spring arrives finally! The hawk-owl was probably last meeting for this year. I …